About Us


The extreme surge in the demand for energy has left the world on the verge of depleting non-renewable sources of energy. This calls for an urgent need for cost-effective feasible, and innovative sources of energy. Moreover, with a spike in the level of air and water pollution in the past decade, energy production should be aimed towards a greener future.

Building on that, one of the most promising ways of producing energy is solar power generation. That’s exactly what Sunload solar is aimed at. We plan on making energy more economical and environment friendly, simultaneously, bearing the economic aspect in mind. By providing a strong value proposition to our customers, we strive to make energy production renewable and efficient. The credit for the noble initiative goes to Mason

Mason is the owner and operator of Sunload solar. He is a licensed electrician working in the industry for over 10 years. He is also a solar designer and installer with Clean Energy Council. Since 2018, Mason has been a member of the NECA.